Réouvons les guillemets.

Controller : Put your passenger on to me. Let me have a word with him.

Driver : I can’t. She’s asleep on the back seat.

Controller : She ?

Driver : Can I tell you a secret ?

Controller : Please do.

Driver : I think I’ve Fallen in love. For the first time in my life.

Controller : Who have you fallen in love with ?

Driver : With this girl on the back seat. I think I’m going to keep her for the rest of my lief. I’m going to stay in this car with her for the reste of my life. I’m going to marry her in this car. We’ll di together in this car.


Controller : So you’ve found true love at last, eh, 274 ?

Driver : Yes. I’ve found true love at last.

Controller : So you’re a happy man now then, are you ?

Driver : I’m very happy. I’ve never known such happiness.

Controller : Well, I’d like to be the first to congratulate you, 274. I’d like to extend my sincère felicitations to you.


Driver : Fine. But what about this man coming off the train at Victoria Station – the 10.22 from Boulogne ?

Controller : He can go and fuck himself.

Driver : I see

Refermons les guillemets. C’est toujours extrait de Victoria Station by Harold Pinter.

Excellent week-end à toutes et tous et à lundi.