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Commentaires - Miniature : 1/43ème - MERCEDES 180D

Yves Trébor

Miniature : 1/43ème - MERCEDES 180D

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I had always been fond of German cars before I bought my first one, which is the C180 I'm commenting here. So far my choice has been a very wise one indeed, because she's proved herself as one durable, reliable, easy-to-maintain and comfortable ride. That is, after a big overhaul was done to sort all problems simultaneously. Regardless of its age, it still gets the Mercedes Window Motor proper respect at certain places. And it holds its value well in the used-car market. Styling is still fresh after all these years; I've put 18" wheels and lowered springs which improved looks and handling significantly. Handling and braking are slightly below BMW's standards, but they are still far superior too many others. Acceleration is poor though. Fuel consumption is between 7-10 km per liter, which is acceptable considering Jakarta's traffic. Another complaint would be the lack of rear headrest, which apparently occurs only on early Classic models. Spare parts are readily available at aftermarket shops and are not expensive at all. In short, I'm glad I purchased a Mercedes and will always try to do so.



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